Need A Cheaper Car Loan?
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Can you lower the interest on a car loan?

If you have been paying your loans on time, you will be able to benefit from good credit even on loans started in the past. For a start, try asking your lender for a better loan interest rate and if refused, tell them you are going to refinance your car loan with other loan companies and you will tell all your friends not to deal with them anymore.

So what is a loan refinance? It refers to taking a new loan to pay off your existing loan. Obviously for this to be worth the effort, your new loan interest rate must be lower than the existing one, after considering all the fees and closing costs required. For most car owners, this is possible since auto refinance rates have been going lower for the recent years. However, it also depends on how many years you have left on the first loan. You need to have at least 36 months left on your car loan, which probably means cars bought before 2009 will probably not qualify for a refinance assuming the typical 60 month auto loan term.

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